I am an assistant professor of animal physiology in the Département de Sciences Biologiques at the Université de Montréal. My integrative biological research program is funded by NSERC and the Canadian Space Agency and explores metabolic depression in diverse animal groups including hibernating mammals and hypoxia-tolerant fishes. Specifically, I use novel and advanced metabolic measurement techniques to investigate the mechanisms that enable metabolic depression and the types of environments that select for its use.

Lab website here: http://www.thereganlab.com

Current interests: role of the gut microbiome in the metabolic phenotype of hibernation; nitrogen recycling and protein balance during metabolic depression; metabolic fuel use during hibernation; emergent metabolic mechanisms of hypoxic survival; induction signals for hypoxic metabolic depression; applications of metabolic depression to human spaceflight.

Though first a biologist, I am a musician and songwriter with numerous music projects. I am also passionate about aircraft, spacecraft and history. And Mazda Miatas.

e: matthew.regan@umontreal.ca